When it comes to capturing the light when photographing spaces, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of attention to detail and taking things really really slow. Like with most things, the more you put in, the more you will get out of something. And light is something you cannot control. Rather, it controls you.

When I photograph, I’m in a zone. It’s a beautiful state to be in – half conscious here with the client, half somewhere else. And I think it is only actually possible to deliver images your client wants when you’re in this zone. Clients need to learn to trust you and give you space, hence the importance of working with people you know you connect with and you have discussed things through in detail. It is crucial for the success of the project to connect with your creative self and let it run wild.

For me, really funny thing happens after the shoot – my inner critic is rarely satisfied, if ever! I didn’t do this, I didn’t capture that, this is not sharp, in fact – nothing is sharp at all!! Right, you have that too?  After each photoshoot these doubts will try to flood me and I’ve learnt, after all those years not to listen to it and trust myself (and the equipment!).

Check out how I approached the brief here, at Lightshift Clunesa must visit B&B accommodation on the outskirts of Clunes. My client’s brief was to capture the light and soul of the property, including owners portraits.

architecture photography Lightshift Clunes aldona kmiec

Lightshift Clunes Aldona Kmiec Photography.png

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