Creating Your Authentic Brand Story

Are you a Small Business or a startup operating in creative industries, seeking unique photos that represent your true and authentic self?

Creating Your Authentic Brand Story Photography Gippsland Images Aldona Kmiec Photography
Photo: Eve Wilson for TDF


Authentic Brand Photography

for Entrepreneurial & Small Business

Aldona-Kmiec-East Gippsland ImagesAs a business owner myself, I understand the importance of setting yourself apart with unique and stylish imagery and be true to your own style. It’s one of the best branding investments you can make for your business. Apart from working as a freelancer, I have been consulting for local gov and non-gov organisations and I’m involved in working with Startup Gippsland Program.

I love helping my clients tell their visual story and build a brand personality through highly engaging images.


Here you’ll find a showcase of our commercial and brand photography projects. If you have an idea you’d like filmed or photographed, enquire now or reach us directly on +61 433 162 791